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Dr. Abrams is a get-up-and-go, you-can-do-it speaker who will get your group enthused about themselves and your company, while providing a practical and useful message. Dr. Abrams will inspire & teach your audience how to get more done in less time, how to always prioritize correctly and reduce their stress while doing it! She will leave an impression that will stay with your team for months, maybe even years.

A captivating speaker is someone who imparts lessons from an extraordinary life experience. Your audience wants to hear a message that takes them on a journey and changes them forever. From overcoming adversity and breaking down barriers, to finding your power of potential and passion, Dr. Abrams is a master at brining all these things to the stage! She is a speaker who has succeeded in life despite a variety of setbacks and handicaps and has accomplished things against great odds. Her life story will inspire your audience toward greater goals and accomplishments. They will be truly inspired and motivated to reach new heights and accomplishments.

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Dr. Abrams is an expert strategic planner whose objective is to educate and motivate your audience to success through better planning, time management and improved relationships. In a seminar type of environment her delivery is less dramatic and more conversational than that of her keynote role and is tailored to be a bit longer (1-3 hours). This format allows her to have more interaction the audience. She uses handouts, slides and overhead projections so she can easily work with a relatively large audience.

Inspire and Motivate to amazing results by having Dr. Abrams as your Seminar Leader! She can effectively communicate with both small and large groups of people to help them realize their own ability to make a powerful, immediate difference in their own career and personal lives. They find themselves fully owning and creating the work of transformation needed to perform effectively with confidence and strength in their daily lives. This program is similar to a work-study experience. In it, your team will formulate and accomplish breakthroughs beyond what seemed possible before.

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Dr. Abrams says “I will make your next sales conference rock! Your team will be inspired, motivated and have a new plan of action. Additionally, I will give your team the new skills they need to succeed in today’s competitive markets, thus improving the company’s overall bottom line.

Shake Rattle and Roll your business to No.1 with Dr. Abrams! Your sales team results can readily exceed your sales goals with the right training. Whatever the business climate, your team can make more sales with a well developed laser focuses sales training program.

If you’re a sales professional, business owner or entrepreneur and you want to improve your sales results and grow your business, then you have come to the right place! Give your sales staff the opportunity to be the sales superstars you hired them to be with polished closing skills along with 21st Century Time Management and relationship navigation. Booking Dr. Abrams is your first step!

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